Braun Gets Fired

WWE RAW 01-15-2018

RAW was in San Antonio, but I didn’t go. Don’t ask!

The show starts off with Braun Strowman getting fired by Kurt Angle for creating an “unsafe working environment”. This is the same Kurt Angle who once sprayed milk all over the ring and had people slipping and falling all over the place. C’mon Kurt! Braun didn’t take this lightly. He proceeded to wreck everything in sight and threatened to continue until everyone got, “these hands”. How does WWE not have a “These Hands” t-shirt up on their shop by now. It’s basically a license to print money.

Angle Milk 2 (1)

So Strowman smashed Angle’s office, flipped a semi, put Kurt Hawkins through a catering table, and ate some chocolate cake, Angle re-hired him on the (phone) advice of Stephanie McMahon. Braun would get one last bit of destruction in before ending his reign of terror. He threw Michael Cole onto some security/local indy jabronis. Cole couldn’t continue and we still had over half the show still left to go. “Thank You Braun. Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap.” Tom Phillips replaced Cole for the rest of the night. Maybe Cole should take a break once in a while. I could get used to not hearing his annoying voice week after week.

I actually liked the show, even though I can’t remember half the stuff in the middle. I think the same six girls were in or around the ring for a match. I’m surprised Paige didn’t announce anything, but WWE said she wouldn’t be in the Rumble because of her “injury”. I wonder what They’re waiting for. Heels win, meh!

The same cruiserweights plus Goldust came out for a match. Face wins, meh!

Jason Jordan should be officially turning soon. He’s so annoying, the crowd hates him, and his face teammates can’t stand him. Just turn the guy already so we can build to the match with Kurt Angle.

The main event was great. Finn Balor with the Good Brothers at his side took on Seth Rollins with Jason Jordan in his corner. Corey Graves said there was a lot of “good brotherin'” going on at ringside. I like that he turned that into a verb. The match went back and forth with both guys hitting their moves and some nice kicks. The best part of this match was the return of the Seth Rollins Curb Stomp. It looked sick. He beat Balor with it and everyone went home happy.


The ending was a bit weird. Camera zooms in on Finn Balor with Anderson and Gallows in the ring. Balor looks legit dazed. The camera hung on too long because nothing went on. Is this part of an angle? I doubt WWE wants to do a concussion angle. Remember a few weeks ago when Itami shattered Brian Kendrick’s face with a GTS? Lots of podcasts and dirt sheets were saying that they were gonna ban the move. No way that move is banned and the Curb Stomp isn’t. Maybe the GTS will be saved for bigger moments.

Match of the night: Balor vs Rollins
Pop of the night: Anything Braun did
No reaction of the night: The Revival